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Brand & Authority
The name HOMELY.COM is very brandable, it instantly gives a feeling of closeness and familiarity making it easier to appeal to existing and new customers. It clearly communicates a meaning and can help any business establish an authority in any field related to housing, homes, real estate, renting and buying properties amongst many others.

Traffic, SEO and Marketing Benefits
As very strong keyword with over 200k yearly searches on Google alone, HOMELY.COM is invaluable for your marketing efforts for direct traffic and improved SEO results. The name is easy to spell and memorise which will greatly increase conversions from all types of advertising you do and lower your spending.

Long-term asset
Short, dictionary word English .com domains hold value over time making them a valuable long-term asset for any business. Domains have been referred to as the "virtual real estate" and even perform better in terms of  return (3,0% compared to 1,2% for real estate*).

This domain is over 18 years old. There is only one HOMELY.COM and once it is acquired by the right final buyer the opportunity to own it will be gone. This is your one and only chance to own this name.

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What is a premium domain name?

A premium domain name is a domain that has characteristics above the norm. Such characteristics could such as short, catchy, keyword rich, brandable, and generic or descriptive. The initial acquisition of a Premium Domain is oftentimes high, however it will renew at the regular renewal price for whichever domain extension it uses.

What are the advantages of owning premium domain names?

Shorter domains are sought after as marketing tools and as investments. Other Premium Domain Names may be memorable or highly brandable, catchy, and make great calls to action.

Who owns premium domain names?

Premium domains can be owned by a company, broker or individual. You can use a number of services online to try determine the ownership and contact the owner or you can hire a domain broker who will do that for you.

How much do premium domain names cost?

Premium Domain Names may cost anywhere from few hundred dollars to tens of millions of dollars. The price is oftentimes dictated by supply and demand. Ultimately, as domain names are unique, the final price is determined by what a seller is willing to sell and a buyer is willing to buy. According to Wikipedia, some notable sales are Insurance.com (US$ 35.6 million), Hotels.com (US$ 11 million), Fb.com (US$ 8.5 million), Loans.com (US$ 3 million).

How do you value a premium domain name for your business?

The best way to value Premium Domain Names is to base your valuation on your own business and your own expertise. You need to come up with a set of questions that ultimately will determine if buying a Premium Domain Name is right for your business.

What are the expenses on premium domain names after the purchase?

The .Com registry, operated by Versign, does not charge premium renewals for Premium Domains. The yearly expenses for a premium domain name renewal after purchase is the same as any other domain and typically, based on the registrar your domain is hosted with, ranges between US$ 10 to US$ 30 per annum.

What should I do if I am interested in HOMELY.COM?

Fill in the form and indicate the best time and date for us to contact you. We only respond to serious inquiries and aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Add any additional comments in the message section.

What is the process of acquiring HOMELY.COM?

Once you fill in the form we will get back to you and discuss the price and terms of our agreement. Payments are usually arranged with Escrow.com or similar service. Once all is agreed and payments are made the domain name ownership is transferred to you.

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